I am proud to introduce you to my team.


The mortgage business is a team sport. The most appropriate sports analogy is to that an Indy Car racing team, and that’s why I proudly call the team behind me my “Pit Crew”.   Without them, my wheels would fall off and I’d run out of gas. Because of my “Pit Crew” my long term clients and I are positioned to win the race!



Ronnie (on the left) is by far the strongest support professional I have had the pleasure of working with in my 32 years in financial services.  Just as I will be there for you when you have a question at 11 PM on a Holiday, Ronnie is always available for me.  Ronnie serves as my Chief Operating Officer, leading my two other team members, and co-ordinating with our underwriters and appraisal department. 


Sammy (on the right) personifies “Efficiency and Speed”.  We met Sammy when he was working at a partner credit union that works with us on HELOC’s and second mortgages.  He always exceeds our expectations and was as fast as the guy in the Jimmy John’s commercials.


The third member of my team is crucial, but you will never see or hear his name.  His initials are BL.  You won’t receive an email from him; nor a phone call.  In fact, we call him Keyser Soze, because like the Usual Suspects character, many question that he exists.  BL exists; BL excels; but he just wants to stay out of the spotlight.


We are not a Big Bank.


In stark contrast to working with a Big Bank, you will be working directly with my Pit Crew and me. Big Banks are the world of 9-5 weekdays (if you’re lucky), “Please hold, your wait time is 12 minutes”, multi-month closings, and inability to win contracts in multi-offer listings.

My team is a modern day F1 Pit Crew. You can reach me on my personal cell 365 days a year. I’m never too busy to consult with you. I dare you to call me anytime, 7 days a week, and find out.