Steve Trautwein

Step 1: Getting Started


I am not a lazy nine to five banker. I can be reached well beyond standard business hours — never hesitate to call on weekends and holidays. If you have questions anytime throughout this process, please call or text my personal cell (703) 964-6400 (if you are viewing this on a phone, you can just click the number to call).


Client Questionnaire:

The point of the Client Profile is to get some general information about you, and to pull your credit. Some of the portions are not necessarily needed at this moment, so we created a walkthrough video explaining exactly what to fill in for each section.

The second option is to do the questionnaire over the phone, with me. Please take down a time that works for me on my calendar.

Schedule an Appointment:

At this point, it is crucial that we start talking about your new home and long-term financial goals. The best way to do this is to schedule an appointment with me, and we can discuss over the phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever else is more convenient for you.

Software like is what allows us to provide you our level of service. All you need to do to schedule an appointment is to pick the next time slot that works for you.

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Step 2: Building Your Team


Team Questionnaire

We want to get to know who you’re currently working with, so we can start working with them as soon as possible. If you do not have your realtor and financial team set, we’d love to recommend a couple!

If you do have a financial advisor, we will be able to examine your long-term financial goals, before crafting the perfect loan to meet those goals.

Selecting a Realtor

One of the most biggest mistakes a home-buyer, like yourself, can make is choosing a realtor based on familiarity. I understand it may be tempting to use a family member or friend as your realtor, but in this market, you need a pro.

My team and I have worked with thousands of realtors, and we know the best. Let us help you find one of the best in region, for your price range, and your home type.


Step 3: Total Cost Analysis


What is a TCA?

One of the reasons that our model works is the software that we use. The single most valuable one is Total Cost Analysis (TCA), which can compare your current living situation and various different financing options.

The most valuable way to utilize a TCA is collaborating with your financial and tax advisors. This way, we can build a loan that meets the long-term goals you and your team have been working towards.

Schedule a TCA

To continue moving forward in purchasing your home, we must discuss the different financing options for you. I like to this over Zoom, which is a video calling software that also allows you to see my computer desktop.