We are the #1 ranked Independent lender in the greater Washington DC area.

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The mortgage process can seem daunting, and surveys show that few home buyers find it adequately educational. Often, without professional advice, home buyers end up in loans that come up far short of the ideal loan for their specific financial objectives, and they are forced to pay a higher interest rate than is necessary. Our clients make smarter, and more confident mortgage decisions because of our interactive “Total Cost Analysis” (TCA) process.

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Most loan officers work in a “silo”, doing nothing more than pursuing a loan approval.  We will work closely with your realtor (and we will help you find an exceptional one if you haven’t already committed to a realtor), your investment advisor(s) and tax advisor to craft the ideal loan for your long term financial plan.  With your approval, we will seek to include your full team of real estate and financial professionals in our  “Total Cost Analysis” (TCA) process.  

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Just like how you shouldn’t only see a doctor when you’re gravely ill, it would be ill-advised to only consult a mortgage strategist when you’re ready to purchase a new home.  We will meet with you by phone/computer for a “Total Cost Analysis” (TCA) update no less than annually, and we will send you regular updates on real estate and interest rate markets.

I want you to be my Long-term client, not just a one time transaction.


I don’t want to “sell” you a loan, I want to create the one to serve your family’s financial goals. That means, as my long-term client, we will reevaluate your loan every year to ensure the fit is still perfect, collaboratively with any of your financial professionals, such as financial and tax advisers.

Many of our referrals come to us because they had been frustrated by the mortgage process in the past. Many times we find that this occurred because they did not understand the process and their mortgage institution did not communicate effectively with their clients. Our mission is to start educating and preparing our clients from the very start of the transaction.


I want you to own your dream home.


I know how much my home means to me — that’s why I want you to also own your dream home. But in our greater DC area market, the real estate market is incredibly competitive. We regularly see homes with dozens of offers on them.

We know how to position you with the right offer, in the right loan to win these bidding wars, oftentimes not even as the highest bidder. That is the kind of service we want to provide you.


Nobody can close your new home faster than we can.


We want to work according to your timeline. If you are planning to move within a month, we are able to make that happen for you. That is why we are so proud of our speed.

This speed is possible because of my team’s efficiency, and the reputation McLean Mortgage has built. McLean Mortgage is known as the best lender to work with — by clients and other financial professionals. Because of this, many realtors would prefer to work with a buyer financed by McLean Mortgage — even though it may not be the highest offer on the table.


We coordinate with your financial professionals to craft the perfect loan, just for you.


A home loan is one of the most important financial decisions in your life. That’s why we believe it is critical to design your loan alongside the people that understand your finances best. Coordinated loans have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I, personally, have over 28 years of experience as a financial adviser and have also trained my team to work closely with financial professionals. Together, we work on a daily basis with financial professionals, providing our clients with tailored loans and helping them save money.


I am working with Financial professionals

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I want to work with FINANCIAL Professionals

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I am proud to introduce you to my team.


The mortgage business is a team sport. The most appropriate sports analogy is to that an Indy Car racing team, and that’s why I proudly call the team behind me my “Pit Crew”.   Without them, my wheels would fall off and I’d run out of gas. Because of my “Pit Crew” my long term clients and I are positioned to win the race!



Ronnie (on the left) is by far the strongest support professional I have had the pleasure of working with in my 32 years in financial services.  Just as I will be there for you when you have a question at 11 PM on a Holiday, Ronnie is always available for me.  Ronnie serves as my Chief Operating Officer, leading my two other team members, and co-ordinating with our underwriters and appraisal department. 


Sammy (on the right) personifies “Efficiency and Speed”.  We met Sammy when he was working at a partner credit union that works with us on HELOC’s and second mortgages.  He always exceeds our expectations and was as fast as the guy in the Jimmy John’s commercials.


The third member of my team is crucial, but you will never see or hear his name.  His initials are BL.  You won’t receive an email from him; nor a phone call.  In fact, we call him Keyser Soze, because like the Usual Suspects character, many question that he exists.  BL exists; BL excels; but he just wants to stay out of the spotlight.



We will continue to keep you informed throughout the process. Our process will be compliant with the letter of the law and regulations that guide the industry. Yet, we will never lose sight of the fact that the goal is to help our clients achieve the American Dream of Home ownership while maintaining our commitment to making the process memorable for all the right reasons. And if you have a concern, we pledge to work hard to make you more at ease with the results.




McLean Mortgage Corporation is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia with offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. McLean opened for business in 2008 when many banks and mortgage companies were exiting the business at the depths of the financial crisis. Our experienced executive leadership saw a multitude of needs created by homeowners and potential homeowners who were left behind in the wake of the severe recession. While others retrenched, we grew and tens of thousands of clients came to us for help and expertise.  Now just a few years later, we have grown to become 40th largest lender in the nation*.  Many of our clients have referred their friends and family to us because they know we are a trusted lender they can count on for great service, a wide range of financial options and very competitive rates.

* According to Scotsman Guide